Pathfinder for Innovations

Trend-Setting Added Value. We want to create with you added value that is geared toward the future. When working creatively on these topics, the challenge of forming a complete picture made up of numerous individual parts is what inspires us. We encourage the breakthrough of innovative ideas to shape the future.

We bring together people, organizations and networks in a manner that makes complexities easier to grasp and new paths easier to navigate. This is what drives us.

"Our inspiration is based on innovative ideas that initiate and drive change."

We are recognized specialists in the field of upcoming technology. But we also see ourselves as generalists who, together with you, are able to develop completely new market areas and business models. Our long-standing and successful management of innovative topics and technologies gives us a comprehensive overview of the strategic nexus points that bring new technologies from the drawing board to application. This makes us an agile provider of solutions that are clear and transparent.

  • Important news from your Pathfinders for Innovations

    Daily life in many places around the world has been suspended in order to slow down the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and protect the most vulnerable people in our societies. We strongly believe that we have to do our part as well.


    innos fully assumes its responsibility towards employees, friends, families and customers as well as toward the society by taking appropriate precautions. Our complete staff has been working from home since the beginning of his week.

    As we have been working digitally with national and international customers for a long time, we can pursue our business operations without any restrictions and keep our employees at home. Spread all over Germany, they work remotely, are available and can be met virtually.
    We are committed to fulfill your orders in the usual high quality, and we are available for your questions and concerns. In case you cannot get hold of your innos contact person, please reach out to our central secretariat at +49 55149601-0, we will take care of your request.

    While the current situation prevents us from meeting each other face-to-face, we offer you as innos partner to stay connected with us via Messenger services such as teams, Skype, Slack, or other. Be assured that you can rely on your “pathfinders for innovation” also during these challenging times. 

    We strongly believe that there will be one good thing about practicing social distancing:

    • We will learn how to collaborate efficiently without being physically together,
    • We will more appreciate personal interaction in the future,
    • We will develop new ideas to deal with the challenges.
    • An efficient and flexible economy will get the recognizable esteem it deserves 

    We are convinced that we will master this extraordinary situation together with you.
    If we can help you taking the appropriate steps toward digital collaboration to the next level in your company, please contact us!
    Thank you very much for your trust in innos, all the best for you and your families!
    Keep safe!

    Your management

    André Kaufung, Werner Mainka

“Our mission is to systematically promote new technologies and innovations in cooperation with our partners and to successfully position these on the market.”

We identify with our customers’ tasks and concerns. With our comprehensive offer, we provide exceptional added value and inspire you with our out-of-the box ideas, professionalism and focus on your goals.

We are a specialized management partner that offers our customers creative ideas and sustainable solution concepts that we accompany and support to the end goal of success. We make no compromises with regard to:

  • the quality of our work
  • customer benefits and satisfaction
  • integrity and transparency in the cooperation with our customers.

Comprehensive and honest communication – both internally and externally – is the basis of any successful business. It should

  • always be at eye level and based on mutual respect
  • encourage transparency
  • be open and without reservations
  • be prompt and proactive.

We assume responsibility for the tasks and projects we take on. Every staff member – regardless of his or her position - is expected to demonstrate a high degree of initiative and responsibility beyond his or her own range of work.

To the same extent that we are committed to our staff, we are also committed to being actively involved in social issues.

We are an attractive employer who provides a modern and motivating work environment, qualified jobs, a collegial work environment as well as a good framework for qualified training and further education.

To us, it is important for our employees to take the initiative to further their training and education in order to be equipped for increasing challenges they will face in their professional lives.

Your Pathfinders.

innos GmbH has a qualified team of specialists to handle complex tasks in the field of new technologies. The basis for this is our many years
of management and project experience in cooperation with research, business and administration / politics with a wide range of market
research, location policy, research or business promotion.

For these challenging tasks, we provide an interdisciplinary team of merchants, scientists, engineers and communications experts with a
keen sense of market opportunities and a realistic view of what's possible.