Are you hungry for more fresh bites of innovation and expertise?

For those who are hungry for knowledge, we will serve a virtual expert exchange at lunchtime.

In this get-together, we combine relaxed networking with the latest expert knowledge on future topics. The focus is on innovation and technology management.

Registration and participation in the virtual event are free.

Do you hardly ever find time to exchange knowledge with other experts? No problem, it's quick and easy to do in between.

How does the virtual expert exchange work?

Our virtual meeting takes place at lunchtime as a video conference via Zoom.

In addition to a short, informative presentation on a specialized topic, the meeting also includes interactive phases. This gives you the opportunity to network, something that has been neglected lately due to the pandemic. Look forward to information, innovation and interaction.

Who can participate?

MittagXpause – innos-Expertise2Go is for everyone interested in innovation technologies and future topics. As a specialist in mastering new technologies, we work across industries with representatives from business, politics and research.

It is important to register for the expert exchange. The number of participants is limited.

Our MittagXpause so far

Sept. 14, 2020

Successful funding application and submission – funding landscape, project types, success factors independent of the program

Converting innovative ideas into marketable products requires not only technical know-how but also money. State subsidies offer attractive opportunities here, but it’s not easy to see through the “jungle” of subsidies.

This MittagXpause discussed which funding programs are best suited if the innovation is to be launched together with someone else and which programs support individual projects.

Oct. 28, 2020

Levels of internationalization for networks – best practice

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to internationalization. Scaling can range from simple and smart to a full investment. But how do I find the right one?

This lunch break dealt with best practice examples to explain the stages of internationalization and to provide you with tips and tricks for successful internationalization.

Dec. 14, 2020

Campus development

Innovative locations and campuses are emerging in all federal states – but when and how does a location develop successfully?

This MittagXpause dealt with exciting questions such as:

  • Which questions should you ask yourself at the beginning?
  • Which steps need to be followed in the development process?
  • Where are my strengths as an ecosystem and location?
  • How can targeted regional networking be useful for site development?
  • What are clusters?

Jan. 29, 2021

LockDown = Performance down?

Corona occupies our country.

We also try to fulfill our responsibility towards our employees, you, and other people as best we can and have taken appropriate precautions and are all in the #homeoffice.

Since we at innos have already been working very digitally and location-independently for a long time, both internally and with our national and international customers, it was a simple but consistent step for us.

But how can you be productive and creative in home office?

This MittagXpause was an exciting exchange of experiences, where we discussed, collected ideas and exchanged best practice examples. This from both the employer's and the employee's point of view.

Feb. 25, 2021

ZIM DL - Promotion of services for market introduction

50 % funding for consulting, services and trade fair appearances

The aim of ZIM funding (Central Innovation Program for SMEs) is to strengthen the innovative power of small as well as medium-sized companies. This is known to many. But have you already thought about getting funding for market research, certification or product design consulting?

As part of our latest MittagXpause, we addressed the following questions:

  • When can market launch services be claimed?
  • What is funded?
  • What needs to be considered, what is not funded?
  • How does the application and billing process work?
  • Is it worth the effort?
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