CharIN – Charging Interface Initiative e. V.

What are the possibilities for realizing the charging of electric vehicles via a uniform interface in the future in order to make a significant contribution to the market breakthrough of electromobility?

Uniting the global industry and creating added value

Association Management | Formation and Representation of Industry Position | Global Networking

CharIN e. V. was founded as an open platform from a previous initiative in 2015. innos is responsible for the holistic management of the association and provides the Coordination Office and the Managing Director of the association. In close coordination with the Executive Board and the Steering Committee, we manage, among other things, the committee meetings, the trade fair appearances, the technical working groups (focus groups), and the international locations in Hong Kong, India, South Korea, North America, and Japan.

As part of this mission, we are in daily exchange with the global automotive OEM world, the global top 10 supplier industry on the infrastructure level as well as other affiliated companies. Within a few years, we were able to unite many more key players along the entire value chain in CharIN e. V. and speak with a continuously growing global industry voice – to establish CCS, the Combined Charging System – as the global standard for charging all EV vehicles.

We inspire existing and convince potential members to join the association with regular conferences and member meetings at strategic locations around the world, as well as through presentations at relevant trade fairs in the field of electromobility and charging. We educate about the advantages and meaningfulness of a common global standard and, together with our local partners, also solicit support for our mission at the political level.

The integration of international players in the active 5 focus groups takes into account the different requirements, highlights the problems of currently divergent approaches and strives for harmonized solutions for all markets.


CharIN e. V., a registered association founded by BMW AG, AUDI AG, Ford­Werke GmbH, Daimler AG, Adam Opel AG, TÜV Süd AG, Volks­wagen AG, Phoenix Contact E­Mobility GmbH, Menneckes Stecker GmbH & Co. KG and Dr.­. h.c. F. Porsche AG

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