Regional entrepreneurial alliances for innovation (RUBIN)

Support of the project consortium SNiPoCC (Südniedersachsen Point of Care Cluster).

Less CO2 emissions, more manufacturing options, less wear and tear, and less energy consumption through technology management using:

  • Design of workshops of the client to focus the theme
  • Consulting for the creation of sketches
  • Consulting for the compilation of partners
  • Establishing contacts to SME partners for the consortium

The aim is to establish a novel value chain for temperature-controlled molds using additive technologies and sensor technology, which will serve customers worldwide as a one-stop shop for climate-friendly, graduated, topology-optimized large-volume molds.

Innovation of the project is the energy-optimal design of sensor-monitored, WAAM-manufactured tools with end-to-end information availability.

Possible applications are with manufacturers of components made of plastic, metal, aluminum, CFRP, etc., who want to or should demonstrate CO2 and energy reduction.


Laser-Laboratorium Göttingen e. V.