We are innovation drivers.

As drivers of innovation, we help your ideas to achieve their goal efficiently and effectively. Inspiration for your project is what drives us. We work together with you in a targeted manner to make your vision of the future become reality.

With commitment and boundless curiosity, we have been acting as international experts for over 25 years. At our locations in Berlin, Göttingen, Hamburg, Hong Kong and Washington D.C., we advise over 30 specialists on future and innovation issues.

Over the years we have built up a stable network of experts for you.

With a focus on technology, we operate with proven expertise and experience in the following areas:

  • electromobility
  • lightweight construction and new materials
  • innovative production technologies
  • Life Sciences

We don't know yet which technical innovations await us in the future. What is clear, however, is this: We are looking forward to them!

Get an impression of the projects we have launched so far:

Our experts support you in:
  • strategy planning and innovation management
  • network management
  • communication and brand strategy
  • sustainability management
  • technology management

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