Acting out of conviction.

We pave the way for your innovations. What may sound trite is something very special to us, because when it comes to making innovations successful, we can look back on a long history. Over time, our commitment and our goal orientation has led to a special attitude that shapes our actions on a daily basis.

But what exactly is our approach and how do the company’s values influence our daily actions?

We wanted to get down to the bottom of it and set out to work on defining and invigorating innos’s core values in a sustainable process.

What we learned during the process is that a convincing corporate approach is more than having a mission statement. Instead, it’s more like a compass that guides us in all of our activities. It’s not just about maintaining a good posture; it’s about core issues that guide our actions.

For us, our attitude is representative of an inner conviction that must stand the test of time, even in difficult circumstances. It gives us orientation and provide us with a solid basis for making decisions, particularly in economically turbulent times like the Covid pandemic.

Identifying our own core values, which are representative of innos both internally and externally, requires the commitment of everyone, an open-minded executive management and competent external support.

Does that sound rather complex? It certainly is!

We’re not talking about a mission statement coming from the executive board, but about a participatory process that involves all innosians. Together, we’re laying the foundation for a future-oriented corporate culture that doesn’t move hard numbers from left to right but for one that is sharpening its focus for its most important resource – its team.

We are pleased to present our values as an essential part of our corporate identity; not only do they have an influence on the way we work, they also determine our attitude towards our customers and cooperation partners.

We want to live up to our values.

An internal task force was created with the mission of making our values more perceptible and tangible. It is enthusiastically developing innovative measures for inspirational and successful values work. We are convinced that, in the end, the path we are taking will help innos remain flexible yet stable in times of upheaval and will also enable us to successfully implement innovations in the future.

Comments from our team on innos’s values work:

Our main objective in the “Values Work” task force is to integrate values into the daily lives of each and every innosian. I think this is particularly important since the topic of values is something that concerns every individual. Different formats like the “Value of the Month” help us put this into action. We can grow and develop together only if we honestly and continuously work on our values.
The values work is very interesting because it inevitably makes you deal with your own values. This is insightful but doesn’t always take place without conflict. But when the conflict is resolved, the ensuing progress and enrichment of our communication are quite remarkable.
The values work at innos is very important to me. Even though this work has already had a powerful impact, it is often underestimated – also by me. That’s why I’m particularly proud of the team: it is committed to the process and its further development without needing any “orders from above”. I heartily recommend that every organization openly address this issue.

Living up to values – innos insight

Our economic image of success:

  • We act as an innovative premium partner
  • We create added value for our customers, also with a focus on future challenges
  • Innovation, creativity and experience go hand in hand
  • We are reliable partners
  • We have the ability to flexibly implement our quality standards in technology fields and markets
  • We are economically successful
  • Our return on investment enables us to ...

We are able to achieve this image of success by living up it day by day. Our curiosity and willingness to change continuously drives us to scrutinize and improve our work processes. When our value of being “fastidious” is added into the process, the result is a cross-team integration of agile management methods. We don’t just want to work; we want to make an impact. It is therefore important for us to think through the entire process of a project, from beginning to end. What impact do we want to have, and which path must we take to reach our goals most efficiently?

We want to do the right things (effectivity) and do these properly (efficiency). We recently introduced the OKR method for this purpose, and it enables us to meet the standards we have set for our work process.

The OKR leadership method from Silicon Valley, for example, has been inspiring us for quite a while now at innos. Now all our teams have been asked to define and implement their goals even better by using the OKR method. We make use of the OKR building blocks and combine them with classical and agile methods that we have been tried and tested. Constant adaptation is our key to success. Stay tuned – we’ll keep you posted.

As a reliable partner, we create real added value for our customers with a focus on current and future challenges.

Experience, unlimited creativity and well-thought-out systematics in innovation processes are the guarantee for sustainable economic success.

We guarantee our high-quality standards through diverse skills and competencies. In addition to our investment policy, our returns enable us to achieve economic, ecological and social goals.

You can get to know our pathfinders here.

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