Innovations require expertise.

We rely on interdisciplinary cooperation with experienced partners in every respect. Our team is made up of experts from the natural sciences, engineering, communication, business administration, linguistics, traffic research and much more.

Our trusted partner network is available for affiliated services:

  • IT specialists for community portals and knowledge management systems
  • event experts for events and moderation services
  • recognized private and state educational institutions for training and further education
  • excellent advertising agencies for media tasks
  • lawyers for administrative and corporate law as well as tax advice for business start-ups and any legal issues
  • public relations and technology management experts
Long-standing management and project experience in cooperation with research, business and politics - the solid foundation of our work.

We have been working with decision-makers for years now on innovative solutions in the areas of market cultivation, location policy as well as research and economic development.

By the way: We look forward to welcoming new Innosians.

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Long-term partners

Manfred Sperlich

Perennial partner and company founder

Advisory Board with an advisory function for shareholders and executive board

"What could be more pleasing than helping with the breakthrough of a good idea?"

Jessica Sperlich

Native speaker of English, translator (de/en)

Partner for further training and sensitive antenna for the subtleties of the English language and American culture

„Good communication skills drive innovation.“
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