Business office of the Initiative Leichtbau

How can Germany become a lead market in the field of lightweight construction and how can the various players nationwide exchange their knowledge efficiently and across technologies?

Nationwide bundling of innovative technologies

5. lightweight construction forum of the BMWi – the forum coordinates the exchange between all stakeholders

Modern lightweight construction is of central importance for the competitiveness of German industry, as it represents enormous potential for the future of the economy. At the same time, it harbors multi-layered challenges across industries, which must be coordinated across the board. As part of the development of this project, funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi), the Lightweight Construction Initiative was founded, for which we manage the office. As such, we bundle all relevant activities and are available to industry and research nationwide as a central point of contact for all relevant questions.

The anchoring of the topic of lightweight construction in the coalition agreement of the government formed in 2018 demonstrates the need for such a lightweight construction initiative. As an office, we coordinate the work in political committees, the advisory board and the lightweight construction strategy group of the state organizations.

„Initiative Leichtbau“ at HANNOVER MESSE

In addition, we organize the "Lightweight Construction Forum", a platform for exchange between various initiatives, associations, federations and decision-makers, with different perspectives on the topic of lightweight construction. Here, stakeholders come together to pursue and support the political thrust with regard to the set goal. We unite all materials and processes within the initiative.

The focal points of our work are flanking the creation of position papers, association work and addressing primarily medium-sized companies in order to sustainably implement the topic of lightweight construction there.

Furthermore, the LEICHTBAUATLAS, an interactive web portal that clearly and regionally presents the competencies relevant to lightweight construction in Germany, is part of the service portfolio of the Initiative Leichtbau. Here, the office is driving constant further development.