Network management for Machining Innovations Network e. V.

How can the strengthening of an aviation location be done with a view to securing jobs?

Location development and job security in the Friesland region – four-pillar strategy

Within the framework of a regional four-pillar strategy (network, technology center, training center and industrial park), we have designed and established the Machining Innovations Network e. V. as a nationwide innovation network for machining production technologies and continuous optimization of production.

70 companies and research institutions were convinced and joined the network in the target field of metallic precision components. In the network, technology-driven manufacturing solutions are developed jointly by industry and research and brought to commercial application in aviation, medical technology and rail vehicle construction. In the process, we pushed ahead with structured technology development, in particular by organizing workshops and working groups on selected key topics.

We acquired funding and bundled training and continuing education offerings in the target field of machining technology. In addition, we supported the establishment of a technology and training center in cooperation with regional decision-makers, thus contributing to the structured development of the location.

For the external appearance, we developed the corporate design including logo and uniform business documents such as stationery, business cards, newsletter design, press documents and office templates and also the program flyers for roadshows, workshops, information and cooperation events.


Premium AEROTEC GmbH, later Machining Innovations Network e. V.