RUBIN Sketch phase for the third round of funding

In addition to ongoing RUBIN activities in the concept phase, innos has again accompanied project alliances on the way to the sketch submission on February 1st, 2022. Four new sketches can be included in the RUBIN portfolio!

In the RUBIN sketch phase, a roadmap for the creation of a RUBIN concept must be drawn up and the essential innovation projects, including regional transformation potentials, must be shown. In addition to the necessary steps to create the sketch, innos was also involved in the application consultation and sketch submission. But in particular:

  • In acquisition to create a regional RUBIN alliance,
  • Preparation of the sketch and proof reading,
  • Project management for the successful submission of sketches,
  • First preparations for the concept phase,
  • Workhops (kick-off) and
  • creation of first Graphics.

The projects include the RUBIN project located in the metropolitan region of “Mitteldeutschland” under the acronym "AKUTEKTION", which aims at acoustic event detection in production processes, animal populations and smart city projects. Another project focuses on the Weserbergland region to southern Lower Saxony and is looking for innovative glass production methods in the "INA-Glas" alliance.

In addition to the active consultation of the "AKUTEKTION" and "INA-Glas" alliances, two other sketches were supported by proofreading and re-commendations based on the wealth of experience and references for the submission of sketches were made.


Client for "AKUTEKTION":

Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology (IDMT), Ilmenau

Client for “INA Glass”:

IFNANO Institute for Nanophotonics Göttingen e.V.

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