Nationwide innovation area in the field of bioeconomy

The BioDigit area of innovation is dedicated to linking the bio-economy and digitization by means of innovative, trans- and interdisciplinary approaches and thus to a comprehensive and rapid biologization of the economy. Combining the potential of both areas makes promising synergies possible on the path to a sustainably transformed society in accordance with Agenda 2030. The foundation for a digital bioeconomy has been laid for the first time with BioDigit. The objective is comprehensive research and a broad implementation of bio-based products and processes based on future-oriented, knowledge-based methods.

We assist our partners from research and industry with the design of their innovation area. We deliver conceptual approaches and long-term strategies for organizational structure and economic viability. In addition, we provide assistance with competition applications for submission to the BMBF.

Contracting authority, our client
Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universität Hannover

Innovation area: Biodigit - Sustanability in Focus

How can bioeconomy and digitalization be successfully linked and structures and processes
be developed and implemented?