Do you have an idea of how successful you can be?

In the market, it is demand that creates a requirement for new technologies and services. This, in turn, determines our service portfolio. On the path from the idea to market success, the fulfillment of different tasks is required, tasks that we master both strategically and operationally.

Our range of competen­cies and our service offers are presented in detail below.  


There are “no” hard and fast rules for successful innovation.

Setting clear goals. In the area of “Strategic Planning and Innovations” we work with you on a solid concept for your organization and develop
a range of services that will successfully propel your organization into the future.

We help private companies, independent research establishments and public institutions bundle and align available resources so that innovations
don’t occur by chance but as the result of consistent strategic planning.

There are “no” hard and fast rules for strategic planning. Every organization must follow its own strategy for setting its individual goals and for new paths
it wants to take. This is the only way to achieve real market success and stand out among the competition.

"Innovations don’t occur by chance. They are the result of consistent strategic planning."

Network­ and Cluster Management

"On the path from the idea to market success, we create reliable alliances and structures to pave the way."

Added value through networks. The dynamic force of new technologies is coming less and less from individual initiators and more and more from the nexus of systematic cooperation driven by strategic alliances, wide-ranging networks and business clusters worldwide.

In such a nexus, innovations have a greater chance of success if they are competently steered in the right direction at the right time.

innos is an internationally recognized management partner linking key industries, research establishments and political entities: We network the intersecting areas of technology and initiate cooperative alliances in order to successfully implement and market innovative ideas worldwide.

In all these endeavors, we think out of the box, are open-minded and interested in your thoughts in order to find creative solutions that create manifold added value to the cooperative endeavor.

We network ideas and people.


To bridge the gap between inspiration and implementation.

We manage innovative technologies. We support you with the management of your new technologies with a keen sense for the economically feasible and a
practical instinct for to future trends.

People are inspired everyday when the hit on new, exciting ideas. They are often then confronted with practical questions on how to specifically turn these ideas
into actual products.

innos helps evaluate your ideas and assists you with each step of their implementation. We find cooperative opportunities and qualified partners on both the
national and international level, analyze subsidy options and assist you with the legal protection of your ideas where necessary. This includes patent research
and determining patenting costs.

"We steer your technologies onto the right track."


We seek the best visibility for your products: analog, digital, emotional. Your product needs the highest visibility possible these days if it is to achieve market penetration. Traditional marketing concepts are no longer sufficient. The product must attain emotional acceptance.

An individual and innovative communication strategy for your cooperative endeavor is necessary. It becomes essential to make use of the new digital and social channels of today in addition to traditional forms of media.

In addition to applying intelligently such selected marketing and campaigning tools in the target field of “New Technologies”, we also make global use of trade fairs, congresses, technology forums and specialized communities in cooperation with our numerous qualified partner networks.

"We create a market image of your product that is unique."