Successful impetus for Brandenburg's future at the 33rd Dialogue on the Future!

The 33rd Dialogue on the Future, which took place at the Brandenburg State Representation in Berlin, was a fascinating forum for exchanging visions and strategies.

On November 13, 2023, I enjoyed attending an inspiring event highlighting Brandenburg's bright future as an up-and-coming industrial hub.

High-profile personalities and experts from business and politics gathered to discuss the course for the coming years. The close cooperation between Wirtschaftsförderung Brandenburg, Verein pro Brandenburg and VDI-Landesverband guaranteed a multifaceted perspective and diverse discussions.

The panel discussion was a highlight with outstanding guests such as Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jörg Steinbach, Minister of Economic Affairs of the State of Brandenburg, Ministerial Director Bernhard Kluttig from BMWK, Alexandra Decker from CEMEX Deutschland AG and Antje Vargas from GeoClimaDesign AG. Together, they exchanged ideas and strategies to establish Brandenburg as a pioneer in sustainable development.

Brandenburg's GDP growth of around 6% in the last six months was particularly impressive. This is also illustrated by the large number of companies settling in Brandenburg. The Tesla site in Grünheide was the most significant and pioneering contribution to the regional economy. Interestingly, Brandenburg's economy is developing independently of Berlin, which indicates that the region is becoming increasingly independent and dynamic.

The discussion covered topics such as energy, start-ups, the chip industry, water, and climate change. It became clear that interdisciplinary cooperation and exchange across industry boundaries are critical success factors for a sustainable future.

The get-together afterward offered exciting discussions and a fruitful exchange of suggestions and ideas for future projects. The event provided fascinating insights into the current situation in Brandenburg and created concrete starting points for further activities.

I am thrilled to have been part of this important dialog and look forward to the promising opportunities and developments that will result. Brandenburg has set the course for an impressive future! 🌟  

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Oliver Bub
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