Eight months as a quarter CEO: A success across the board

We take companies to the next level of success: the CharIN Academy is ready to break new ground.

In keeping with Henry Ford's quote "If everyone works together, success will take care of itself." we decided to create the so-called "C-Team" - and today we can proudly announce that this decision was a complete success.

From May to December 2023, we four innosians met regularly, in person or virtually, to work on the development of CharIN Academy GmbH.

The idea behind the C-Team: four colleagues each act as a quarter of the CEO position at CharIN Academy. This allowed the individual strengths and perspectives of each colleague to be brought into the young company, which is still in the start-up phase, in the best possible way.

Our work was multifaceted and challenging. In addition to fundamental topics such as finance and controlling, we also dealt intensively with personnel recruitment, new training approaches, and the planning of CharIN Testivals. Access to the entire innos team was invaluable here. Sharing advice and expertise allowed us to broaden our thinking and find innovative solutions to generate new revenue and drive the business forward.

After eight intensive months as a C-Team, we can proudly say that our project was a complete success. Not only did we support each other, but we also took on new areas of responsibility. The CharIN Academy will now be handed over to the new CEO Christoph Stürmer in January 2024 with fresh impetus, a new headcount, and numerous innovative ideas.

The innos C-Team is closing a chapter full of ideas, collaboration, and new processes. We look forward to seeing the fruits of our labor and are confident that the future of CharIN Academy is bright.


CharIN Academy is the educational initiative of the CharIN association providing everyone an opportunity to benefit from practice-oriented trainings on e-mobility and charging topics.

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Author of this article:

Felina Kallbach
(Project Coordinator)

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