One for all, all for one

A CharIN team event of a special kind

Wheelbarrow racing, speed basketball, building Lego models and the hot wire sound like fun activities, but they demanded a lot from us motorically and cognitively. Designed as a team building event, it increased the fun factor and brought the CharIN team together.

Insight number 1: we not only manage a global network, but due to increasing complexity, we also have to act more and more in our own networks in order to comprehensively meet all challenges. So if you can guide a wheelbarrow energetically through a course and don't lose the load, you should be well prepared here. Congratulations, André Kaufung 😊.

Finding number 2: Anyone who wants to superimpose the CharIN global purpose with the regional needs in the regions of this world in an impact-oriented manner is well advised to take intercultural customs seriously as a key competence.

Insight number 3: CharIN teams do not arrive seamlessly in Leipzig, but they do arrive in the USA, South Korea, Europe or Singapore without any problems. Conclusion: we love real challenges in order to be able to develop our true travel potential 😊.

Insight number 4: Innovation and progress arise where committed people meet, who strengthen strengths together, create effective structures, constantly question and adapt again and again.

Our tactic:

β€’ run the fastest

β€’ the most patient golf

β€’ letting the most balanced play the hot wire

speaks for our good view of individual strengths and the combination in a convincing team performance. Whether CharIN or the hot line: we accept challenges, analyze together, make a good plan and then we join forces to attack, because together we can do everything - one for all, all for one.

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