Collaboration is key – innos @ Greentech Festival Singapore

A relaxed exchange with Nico Rosberg on the status quo of charging infrastructure, vegan snacks, evening dress and green carpet at the award ceremony for outstanding innovations, interested ears at the keynote on the fun factor and impact of global cooperation, and a fruitful discussion as part of our boot camp moderation.

We moderated as innos, accepted an award on behalf of BMWK's Lightweight Construction office, represented CharIN worthily via a keynote as well as a central booth presence at the Greentech Festival in Singapore.

The speakers inspired us, the local community was enthusiastic. The common approach to shape sustainable development through technologies united all participants and created a special atmosphere that resulted in maximum networking. We met many exciting people and are sure that we have not seen some of them for the last time. The same applies to the Greentech Festival. We are already looking forward to the Greentech Festival 2023 in Berlin and have already cranked up the preparations...

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