Where lightweight construction rolls off the production line and onto the rails

With great interest, the Lightweight Construction Initiative's business office participated in two company tours in Berlin-Spandau.

Both companies, Photon Laser Manufacturing GmbH and boschen & oetting Automatisierungs-Bau GmbH develop lightweight construction solutions using innovative manufacturing technologies and, therefore, offer an essential contribution to strengthening the Berlin-Brandenburg metropolitan region as a location for the lightweight construction industry and future technologies. Berlin's Senator for Economics Franziska Giffey and Economics Minister Joerg Steinbach, who also attended this company tour, shared their interest in this visit.

We gained exciting insights at Photon Laser Manufacturing GmbH, where lightweight components for international rail transport are manufactured, which roll over the rails in trains of BVG (Berlin public transport company), the Austrian Federal Railways, and the London Tube, among others.

The company boschen & oetting Automatisierungs-Bau GmbH builds special machines and develops automation technology that allows assembly lines to run fully automatically. The software used for quality control runs with artificial intelligence, just one of the many exciting topics we discussed during the company tour.

Many thanks to the two companies, to Berlin's Senator for Economics Franziska Giffey and Minister of Economics Joerg Steinbach for their interest in and support of lightweight construction. And many thanks to Dr. Ana Teresa Tomas from Berlin Partner for Business and Technology GmbH and the Berlin-Brandenburg Lightweight Construction Initiative for organizing the event.

We look to the future with lightness.

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