innos Meeting Day 2023 in Berlin

Welcome to the colourful innoverse!

Our innos Days - this time in Berlin - were a complete success! For two days, "old" and new Innosians got together to work together.

What was on our minds?
In addition to insights into the different projects and processes of the individual teams and into the exciting world of numbers, data and facts, the Lego building blocks that helped us to transform our individual team visions into a common model should not be missing pour. We not only showed our creative side, but also gained valuable insights into our thought structures and dynamics within the teams.

In addition to pizza, our Kudos cards could not be missing. Appreciate each other and just say thank you - we appreciate that!
We then used the euphoric mood to join forces to move to our new premises. True to the motto "One for all and all for one!".

What do we take with us?
Our innos Days have shown us that we are a strong team capable of achieving great things together. The basis of our company is the amazing and unique skills of each and every innosian that make up exactly what comes first.

It was great to have the new innosians on board and we warmly welcome them to our team. Forming individuals into a new team takes time, but the Lego bricks have once again helped us to bring our individual ideas together.

We have a common vision and we are ready to join forces to achieve it!

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