Sailing into the future together and setting new sails

innos Summer Days 2023

The innos Days are more than just an opportunity for all innosians to exchange some thoughts. They are a source of motivating impulses and fresh ideas that drive our team forward. The two days spent together at the end of August offered a varied program that refreshingly reflected the diversity of our innosians.

One of the central messages of the innos Days was the importance of mindfulness in order to keep a good eye on one's own energy balance even in challenging times.

Contentious discussions were initiated, and seen as an opportunity to recognize the diversity of needs in relation to the "new work" dynamic. Over a few trays of pizza, these discussions were borne of harmonious difference.

Strengthened, we used our time together as a platform to identify trends and markets of today and tomorrow, and to derive plans for forward-looking strategies. In doing so, we kept our individual and common strengths in mind, which, when bundled into a strong rope, will keep the team seaworthy even when changing course.

Despite the autumn weather, all innosians were able to keep their good mood afterwards at the summer party on the Spree during a boat trip. Relaxed and with renewed energy, the entire innos crew sailed through Berlin, into the evening and into our common future.

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