"Innovation of the e-Bike charging experience"

Invitation for an open discussion about common solutions for e-bike charging!

Key Points

  • innos GmbH would like to invite for an open discussion about common solutions for e-bike charging which will be based on current e-bike systems, but not limited to this application, if it fits into the scope.

  • The scope is to be limited to the connector, any related requirements for the Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE), the vehicle, the battery interface, communication, and related hardware.

  • The activity will be open, transparent to all interested industrial players, not discriminating any possible participant to identify the project group.

  • The activity will not infringe any free competition as is intended to help to scale the whole market segment.


innos as a partner for many different industries recognized a strong momentum around electric mobility worldwide. With battery electric vehicles a suitable solution for sustainable mobility is around the corner.

Key elements are common specifications as a baseline for interoperable products to enable economy of scale. Therefore, we want to facilitate the market of electric bicycles (e-bikes) as well other suitable vehicles in this segment and invite the industry experts to create a new solution to charge this type of mobiles.

We want to create an open project group/platform to work on an industry-accepted solution. The project members evaluate and agree on their requirements in a transparent way within the project. Finally, the group of industry players can present a well-defined recommendation to standardization bodies.

Topics to be discussed:

  • Technical parameters of the system (voltage, power, current, temperature range? IP class … )

    • Power levels up to 500W Max

    • 60 V (ideally 36 V nominal)

    • 40 A (ideally maximum 15 A)

  • Common connection requirement – mechanical (plug / connector)

  • Common communication (protocol and messages)

Next Steps

As a first step we invite every interested party to an open and free online consultation January the 22nd (08.00 am, CET) to present the basic idea and to discuss about the scope and further general questions. Also, we encourage everyone to volunteer for a potential technical speaker role for this project.

A first intro presentation could be held if desired. If you want to participate or contribute with a presentation please contact Ricardo Michaelis (see below).


Must be a legal person. We need all submitting companies to sign a Letter Of Intent (LOI) to signal their commitment to this project. The document will be published after the initial call.


Mr. Ricardo Michaelis
Phone: +49 30 206 708 9315

Anti-Trust Statement

In discharging their responsibilities, participants of this project function as individuals and not as agents or representatives of any organization with which they may be associated.

In the course of all project activities, members must avoid discussion about pricing, sales and marketing programs, territories, customers, production capacity and other competitively sensitive topics. In the event any participant ever feels that the course of association activities or statement or actions in project meetings is headed into such an area, participants should raise the issue immediately so that further discussion of such matters can be suspended pending receipt of advice satisfactory to the participants that the topics addressed to not give rise to antitrust problems.

Transparency Statement

innos GmbH is committed to transparency at the highest level.  All topics are discussed in meetings open to all project participants and decisions are consensus based (not unanimous). Participants are required to be vigilant in their efforts to monitor project’ activities and decisions by actively participating in the meetings and calls.  Any issues with the transparency of the project should be brought to the attention of the of innos and all members for resolution.

About innos

We are recognized specialists in the field of upcoming technology. Our long-standing and successful management of innovative topics and technologies gives us a comprehensive overview of the strategic nexus points that bring new technologies from the drawing board to application. This makes us an agile provider of solutions that are clear and transparent.

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