Munich is beautiful too
CharIN Coordination Workshop in Munich

The motto of the CharIN Coordination Workshop "better be prepared - and you will not be disappointed" perfectly reflected the mood when our team gathered for a two-day seminar in Munich.

In this case, that meant we took the opportunity to visit our colleague Jasmin, who lives in Munich.

At innos, we attach great importance to teamwork and achieving our goals together. We usually like to meet in person to exchange ideas creatively and drive topics forward quickly. With a team that is spread all over Germany, this can mean a few bonus points on the BahnCard each year for some innos employees. 🚅

This time, a part of the CharIN team traveled to Munich for the workshop.The aim of the workshop was to prepare lean processes for the implementation of the resolutions of the General Assembly in June 2023. It was a great opportunity to exchange ideas, plan more efficient processes and optimize our strategy. The collaboration and exchange of experiences in a more informal setting in the "Marsbaracke" was extremely valuable.

The workshop was not only a complete success because of the work, but also because of the good atmosphere and team spirit. And Munich is of course also very beautiful😉. We are now very well prepared to face the challenges of the coming year.The turn of the year can come and we are looking forward to the exciting tasks that lie ahead.

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Annika Vüllers and Maria Wasko

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