Organs-on-chips opening novel avenues for drug discovery and personalized medicine

The Heart-on-a-Chip network (TFF-ResOOC) and the International Network for Lab-on-a-Chip technologies are hosting their 3rd Joint Network Conference and Poster Session as a virtual event on May 28th, 2020.

Recent technological advances in microsystems have given the field of Organ-on-Chips technologies an extremely interesting perspective as a replacement for animal testing, especially in the context of drug discovery. Therefore, Saxion University of Applied Sciences and a number of companies from the biomedical field have set out to develop a standardized heart-on-a-chip demonstrator to analyze the cardiotoxicity of new active substances as part of a TFF-ResOOC funded project. Saxion University has joined forces with the “Network for Lab on a Chip Technologies” founded in 2017.

In order to discuss the latest developments in this field, Saxion University and the Network for Lab-on-a-Chip Technologies are now inviting all interested stakeholders to join them for the 3rd Joint Conference and Poster Session. The conference will be hosted in a web meeting format. Attendees are cordially invited to contribute to a virtual poster session, which will allow the companies and researchers to showcase their latest R&D results or interesting facts about their products and services. The virtual poster exhibition will be opened to the public during the conference on May 28th, and will stay open for a period of 1 month.

The conference agenda includes influential researchers and highly innovative companies in this field, such as Luc Scheres (Surfix BV) and Prof. Christine Mummery (Leiden University Medical Center).

Attendance is free of charge; for registration and dial-in information please write to

About the Heart-on-a-Chip network

Heart diseases are one of the leading causes of death worldwide. Advances have been made to use the Organ-On-a-Chip technology to mimic organs and its (patho)physiology. The NanoBio Research Group focuses on the heart and is developing a resealable organ-on-a-chip platform for drug-screening. The main goal of this project is to set up a fully integrated device to culture and pace heart cells and electrically monitor the cellular activity and drug responses, which can serve as a platform to test efficacy of drugs and to study heart diseases, without the use of animal testing.  

This Saxion University of Applied Sciences project involves the collaboration of various Dutch and German industrial partners (SMEs) and leading academic research institutes.


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