Joint Development of intelligent polymer products: Inclusion of further partners in the German-French innovation network „Smart Plastics Network“

The French company CEMA Technologies and two institutes of the TU Clausthal (Institute of Polymer Materials and Plastics Engineering, Institute of Electrical Information Technology) are now officially joining the network.

In the last decades there has been an enormous development in the field of polymers. At the same time, microsystems technology has evolved significantly. The combination of both enables the digital cross-linking of polymer-based products, which thus become "intelligent". At the same time, new production processes such as 3D printing open up new possibilities in product design, but also create new challenges that need to be solved. „Smart Plastics" refers to the integration of electrical, opto-electrical or electro-mechanical features in 2D and 3D plastic mouldings.

The ZIM-funded network Smart Plastics is tackling these challenges together with its partners from Germany and France.

The network started in August 2019 with six companies and two research institutions from Germany and France and has recently been extended by three additional partners. [...]

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