Strategy development with topics closest to his heart along the pulse of megatrends

"A strategy is an invitation to join in." This is how Robert Habeck opened the Lightweighting Summit in April, which we co-hosted in his opening speech. With this motto, he hit our nerves in strategy development.

In addition to the strategies we have developed and implemented for our customers, for example, in the areas of lightweight construction, electromobility and charging, structural global association management, etc., we have also sharpened our strategy. As we develop our strategy, we want to remain faithful to ourselves, particularly with a view to 2024 and 2025, but also rediscover and further develop some areas - with a view to the topics that will generate relevant innovations in the future.

As a first step, we got together with all innosians during innos day in September to highlight and discuss critical topics, skills, and megatrends of the future. In October, We gathered again in a smaller group for a two-day strategy workshop. As the saying goes, the cobbler is often said to have the worst shoes: we were amazed at what our "strategic planning" service module can do for us when we apply it to ourselves!

I am always amazed at the perspectives and aspects that emerge from a very complementary team. It fills me with joy and pride that we have identified five fields of action that we will be implementing in 2024.

In addition to our existing projects and partnerships, we will tackle new topics and develop our own "innos field of action". This will enable us to create an even better understanding of innos' services and strengths - for people outside innos but also ourselves. I look forward to this and can hardly wait to hit the ground running in the new year.

With new innosians, recharged batteries, and great courage and confidence in these dynamic times, I look forward to implementing our innos strategy with everyone. As I said at the beginning, it is an invitation to join in. All innosians, all customers, and all partners are cordially invited to help shape it!

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André Kaufung

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