The calm before the creative storm – a finale and a new start

December – An intensive (working) period lies behind us, and we should use the upcoming Christmas period to calm down and recharge our batteries.

The holidays are a fantastic opportunity to relax, spend time with family and/or friends, and reflect on the year.

It is important to appreciate yourself during this time and consciously take time to relax. It's an excellent opportunity to remind yourself of what or who is particularly close to your heart and your personal and professional goals and values.

Setting some goals for the holidays, whether enjoying special meals, reading a book, or simply spending time with the people you care about, might be a good idea. Mindfulness was also a very present theme for us innosians this year. Focusing on individual strength and recharging our batteries enables us to develop shared goals with all our colleagues and derive forward-looking strategies at the start of the year in keeping with tradition.

The year will start for us at innos in January with a New Year's celebration and the innos Days. For me, this means looking forward to an inspiring and productive time at innos Days and the start of the new year 2024! Controversial discussions are an opportunity to understand the diversity of perspectives and develop solutions together. In addition, integrating culinary elements will offer a successful chance to create an informal and harmonious atmosphere and exchange ideas in person again.

For me, innos days are not just an event but an essential platform for team building, togetherness, innovation, and strategic planning. I hope the insights gained and the strengthened crew will lead innos successfully into the future. I wish everyone a relaxing and happy holiday season with their loved ones!

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Author of this article:

Marco Küster
(Marketing Manager)

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