Women in Char(IN)ge in Munich

The CharIN team has grown; a good time to discuss our plans in a workshop in Munich.

Every day, we work passionately to realize our customers' vision.

As a new member of the project team for CharIN e.V., the leading association with over 300 member companies that promotes standards in the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, I am thrilled to be part of a new team constellation full of female power.

To kick things off, we held an intensive workshop in Munich to pool our expertise and synchronize our plans for the coming months. It was helpful and exciting to learn first-hand how we work in the association. There really is no better onboarding than sitting around a table together and setting common goals on the roadmap.

However, we didn't just focus on the big strategy, but also discussed operational issues. How can we ensure a smooth flow of information within the team? How can we best integrate the event, technical, and communications teams?

Monthly briefings and synchronization between all departments are just some of the methods we use to ensure that everyone is in the loop and that our projects are driven forward from different perspectives.

As a joint project, CharIN is not just a customer to us; we are part of the entire global team, and together, we are leading the way to the next level of green mobility and energy.

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Author of this article:

Karla Bareiss Valle
(Project Coordinator)

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