Benefit and Pledge: Our Company Pension Scheme

"Money alone does not make you happy," which is precisely why most employers offer their employees many voluntary benefits besides their salary. The spectrum ranges from monetary incentives to bike leasing or fitness memberships.

Our series presents the benefits that are particularly popular with innosians. Our top benefit is the company pension scheme, which is more than just a benefit. It is an investment in the future of our innosians.

Of course, it's nice to see your salary on your monthly pay slip, but it's even better if some of the money you earn today will still find its way into your bank account during your retirement.


With this responsibility, innos offers all employees a company pension scheme that is not only earned by the employee but also co-financed by the employer. What the benefits package can vary from case to case, but the advantages for employees and employers can be summarized as follows:

  • Financial security in retirement: The occupational pension scheme enables employees to receive a company pension in addition to the statutory retirement, which leads to improved financial security in old age.
  • More net from gross: Contributions to occupational pension schemes are generally tax-free, meaning employees benefit from reduced income tax.
  • Social Security exemption: In addition, occupational pension contributions paid remain exempt from social security contributions, which means that they are not included in the calculation of social security contributions. Hence, this can lead to a higher net salary payment.
  • Flexibility: Depending on the contract and how the occupational pension scheme is implemented, there are various options for structuring and using it, e.g., a choice between a lifelong pension, a lump-sum settlement, or other options.
  • Employer subsidies: innos makes a financial contribution to the occupational pension scheme by providing subsidies.

Auch für den Arbeitgeber lohnt sich diese betriebliche Zusatzleistung:

  • Stay competitive: Over 90% of employers offer this benefit to at least some of their workforce.
  • Positive effect on employee motivation and satisfaction.
  • Tax incentives: In some federal states, tax concessions or reductions are available for employers participating in company pension schemes.
  • Contributions to company pension schemes are often exempt from social security contributions, which can lead to savings on the employer's share of social security contributions.
  • Long-term planning and commitment: A company pension scheme contributes to financial security in old age and strengthens the employment relationship and identification with the company.

There is a reason why company pension schemes are a popular additional benefit that innosians like to take advantage of. We also know that money is not everything, but it is a form of appreciation that commitment is worthwhile and rewarded. It is both an investment and a promise that you will be secure even after your working life together.

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