innos Days 2024 – Resilient into the Future or changing perspectives with costume changes

Twice a year, the innos Days provide an opportunity for all innosians to meet in one place personally. Due to the rail strike, under challenging conditions, but nevertheless, everyone made their way to Berlin.

The opening topic could not have been more appropriate: Resilience, i.e., the ability to adapt to crises, problems, and other challenges. In addition to ecological and economic structures, the topic is primarily sociological. Where there is a will, there is a way. At the kick-off of the innos Days, mobility and futurologist Professor Dr. Stephan Rammler gave a scientific insight into resilience.

Bounce forward

In fast-moving times, it often seems as if challenges surround you, and when you think you've made it, the next one comes along. Pandemics, wars, inflation, and climate change are like potholes that we try to avoid, but we will eventually hit one. But what can we do to avoid falling off track? In principle, there are two options: bounce backward or bounce forward. Do we let a hurdle throw us back or cross it by adapting our strategy? At innos, we usually decide to go forward.

Change of perspective: understanding innos

We started with the basics in our workshop to meet challenges with the right strategy. What does innos mean to us, and how do we see ourselves? All innosians wrote and drew their thoughts on paper. Globality, network, sustainability, diversity, and cohesion were reflected in almost every idea. After a short break, it was time for a change of perspective. How is innos understood from the outside? How do customers, partners, external stakeholders, and our private environment perceive us? What would Darth Vader, ChatGPT, or Aristotle say about innos? Maybe: "We can't change the wind, but we can change the sails", which brings us back to resilience.

Mistery Murder at "Katzenstein Castle"

innos Days are only complete with a team event. So we went to a murder mystery dinner, for which everyone slipped into a role ranging from aristocrats to agents, hip-hoppers, and other colorful characters. The 24-strong entourage gathered at Schloss Katzenstein, which was actually an event location in Berlin-Mitte.

Despite an exuberant atmosphere and legendary outfits, there was still a fictitious murder case to solve. For two and a half hours, the teams put their heads together, watched out for every clue, and demanded all their acting skills from the suspects under cross-examination. If there was an Oscar for this, it would be in the "Best Costume Design" category. In the end, thanks to the teamwork typical of innos, we found the hot lead to the culprit, for which "Best Ensemble" would also be fitting.

High or Low: Making the innos Days worthwhile

The innos Days always create enough space for all innosians to present their personal highlights and lowlights from the past year. What wishes do they have for the new year? This allows us to reflect on what we have already achieved and what we could have done even better.

Sometimes, you just want to reach out to a particular person with positives words or a compliment. The team exchanged these dedications written on Kudos cards, followed by a warm hug. It is wonderful to see how the bond of cohesion is strengthened with every "thank you".

One anecdote from Professor Dr. Rammler was particularly memorable: "If you are constantly dealing with crises, it is hardly surprising that many futurologists are slightly depressed or at least melancholy about the world." However, we innosians realized that a confident vision of the future drives us. We see challenges more as a necessity to constantly question our actions and work, to find innovative ways and to grow together. This is exactly what the innos Days stand for.

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