Verbal exchange of blows: Our corporate values are not just slogans – we actively live them.

Our monthly staff meetings are not just for discussing figures and organizational matters. We also use the virtual meeting of all innosians to verbally exchange views on our values, the so-called "value word exchange".

Through dialog, debate or a more playful approach, the format is intended to encourage joint reflection and thus lead to a common understanding of our culture in the long term.

At the end of each employee round, Antje, our lucky fairy and office ninja, activates the random generator and in no time at all we have chosen the two protagonists of the value word exchange, who have the opportunity to discuss their most important company value in tandem in the next employee round.

The structure of this exchange is at the discretion of the team of two. This can take the form of a dialog about current events and projects, for example, in which certain values that have been particularly actively lived or possibly neglected are highlighted.

Felina and Margarita were able to inspire us with the use of a survey tool during the last value word exchange. The results of the individual questions were immediately visible to everyone so that we could get a feel for how others view our values. As there are no limits to the scope for creativity, the implementation is a surprise every time.

This is our very special moment to become aware again of what is important to us as a team. It's like a mini superhero meeting where each person can let their superpower – their own personal values – shine!

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Author of this article:

Karla Bareiss Valle
(Project Coordinator)

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